Are you looking for the best jewelry repair shop? Look no more! We are the best! At Zaragoza Jewelers you will find the best Jewelry repair specialist, affordable prices, and fast service. For more information about our services and pricing read below, visit us at our location or call us at 702-870-0080
If you own  a treasured piece of Jewelry  please continue reading… As you know, jewelry repair is essential to preserve and maintain your treasured jewelry.  Jewelry repair is a difficult task and must be done by professionals who have special skills such as, experience with chemical processes, metallurgic knowledge, and lots of practice. DO NOT take your valuable jewelry to  the wrong place just for the sake of saving money, doing so is counterproductive since they may ruin your jewelry and you may end up paying double to get your jewelry fixed properly. We are your best option, here at Zaragoza Jewelers, we have jewelry repair specialists who have been professionally trained, and have the hands-on experience to get the work done quickly, and affordable. We are so confident about our jewelry repair services that we give you a Free 60 days warranty on labor. In addition to our excellent service, we do most of the work in-house so we can offer you same day service (drop it off before noon and pick it up by the end of the day, only for basic repairs). Additionally, doing in-house repairs means that you don’t have to worry about the risk of having your precious jewelry ship back and forth. Additionally to all these benefits, you will have the peace of mind that the best elements are used on your jewelry as a result of our suppliers, who provide us with top-of-the-line materials.
Plus, we love new clients so much that if you decide to visit us… we will clean your  jewelry for Free!!! ( no purchase necessary and limit to 2 pieces per person, only for new visitors)
We do any type of jewelry repair! Here is a small sample of our services and prices. Call for an extended list of our services 702-870-0080
Basic Soldering………..$15.00 & up
Ring sizing……………..$25.00 & up
Stone replacements….$10.00 & up
Clasp replacements….$15.00 & up
Mountings………………$40.00 & up
Stone setting…………..$40.00 & up
Prong re-tipping………$15.00 ea
Engravings……………..$15.00 & up
Chain repairs…………..$15.00 & up
Name plates……………$60.00 & up
Pearl restringing……….$5.00 per inch
Earrings accessories…$15.00 & up
Refurbishes…………….$40.00 & up
We also do watch repair
Visit us at our location or call us at 702-870-0080 for an exceptional personal experience and to see our selection. Zaragoza Jewelers is one of the most affordable jewelry stores in Las Vegas.

Ramon Medrano Las Vegas March 28,2016

They are simply the best! I took my wife’s wedding set because it was broken from the bottom and they not only fix the broken part the also re-tip all four prongs, clean the diamond and polish it. Now it looks like brand new.

Amiri Jones Las Vegas March 14, 2016

They really are good, they’re sized my ring quickly. I purchased it on another jewelry store and they told me it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get my ring re size, so I took it to Zaragoza and they did a great job. It was done the same day and cheaper than any other place.

Jason Contreras Las Vegas January 9, 2016

Best costumer service I have ever received! These people treat you as family. Since the fist time I visit them back in 2014, I have come to do all my jewelry and watch repairs with them. They have never let me down, and I am sure never will.

Tania Shanle Las Vegas December 30, 2015

Great prices and wide range of options. I came to Zaragoza for a diamond replacement of my engagement ring, and the associates explained me ALL the possible options I had, color, cut, clarity, size, and price, so I could have the perfect stone for my ring. They have great knowledge about the spectrum of precious stones and would do everything they can to accommodate your necessities.

Alex Rodriguez Las Vegas November 18, 2015

Have had an antique watch that my father gave me, and Zaragoza was the only place were they could repair it and give the necessary maintenance to keep it running over the years. It feels very good to know that I would have my father watch running with me for a very long time.